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photo of 40' Block Island 40
40' Block Island 40
1992 US$ 125,000

The Block Island 40 was designed in the CCA era by William Tripp Jr., and was one of the first large fiberglass vessels built.  The class was made famous in racing and was as well a great design for cruising.  A near sistership model is the Hinckley Bermuda 40.

Migrator Yachts began building the Block Island 40 in the early 90's to very high standards and to the yacht building standards now vs when the model was introduced in the 50's.

"Honeymoon" is the 10th vessel built by Migrator, and is only on her second owner.  She has received the best of care and upgrades over the years. Other than having competed in the Marion to Bermuda Race several times, she has primarily cruised the New England Coast.

Now at Derecktor Robinhood, and easily viewed.

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